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How Dangerous Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a sickness where in the cancer cells became abnormal. Cancer cells immediately grow and divide speedily than the healthy cells. Tumors are little cancer cells that form growths. Some tumors immediately grow and sizes of tumors are all increasing. Breast cancer develops as a result of abnormal growth in the cells in the inner breast or due to some abnormal changes produced in the tissues connecting the breast.

The best way to deal with breast cancer before being diagnosed and after is to be completely knowledgeable about how dangerous breast cancer. Educating yourself about its symptoms, signs and causes can help you detect it early and also avoid it. With every woman being at the risk of getting this cancer.

There are many thousands of women suffering from breast cancer and who face the associated medical treatment that follows diagnosis. But there are many more women who suffer from the fear of contracting the disease. To avoid unnecessary anxiety is an important consideration in establishing a positive mental attitude and maintaining health with confidence. We also have to avoid any of the factors that are likely to lead to cancer starting with all the recognized carcinogens and learn more about how dangerous breast cancer.

Although there is no known cure for breast cancer but if it is caught early, it can be treated. Although this is not common in men, the signs that this disease may be present in a male or a female are the same. However, it must be pointed out that these signs can also be an indication of something else.

There are common signs or symptoms of breast cancer :

1. The most obvious sign of this ailment is a lump in the breast or armpit. A self-examination test, once a month, or a visit to the doctor can expose any lump in this area.

2. Change in the size of the breast & shape. If you notice any unusual changes in its shape or size, do not ignore it.

3. There is nipple inversion & spontaneous single nipple discharge. If you observe that your nipples are turning inwards, this may be an indication that everything is not working as well.

4. Pain in the breast is not a reliable symptom but can also be indicative of other breast problems.

One way that helps patients to get rid of pains and side effects is that going for alternative cancer treatments. Alternative cancer treatment helps one to cope with symptoms caused by cancer. They may lessen the pain an individual undergoes from cancer treatments. The breasts are made up of fat, glands and soft tissues. In addition to them lobes are present, which are further divided into lobules and they extend up to the milk glands.

The best treatment therapies for the breast cancer are :

1. Surgery is usually the first step in fighting cancer. The cancer is removed and the breast is reconstructed.

2. Chemotherapy is a systematic treatment. This treatment disturbs the whole system of the body. The advantage about this therapy is the drugs used in this method.

3. Radiation therapy sends targeted radiation to the area affected by the cancer. The radiations are passed on the breast and the cancer cells are destroyed.

4. Hormonal therapy is used for hormone positive forms of breast cancer. This form of treatment is rarer than the others because hormone positive breast cancer is not as common.

5. Complementary and holistic medicine is often used in conjunction with other treatments. Usually these kinds of medicines help ease side effects, improve the quality of life of the patient, and help soothe symptoms.

Research has shown that women with certain risk factors are more likely than others to develop breast cancer. A risk factor is something that may increase the chance of developing a disease. Below is the following risk factors for breast cancer :

1. The chance of getting breast cancer goes up as a woman gets older. Most cases of breast cancer occur in women over 60.

2. A woman who had breast cancer in one breast has an increased risk of getting cancer in her other breast.

3. A woman's risk of breast cancer is higher if her mother, sister or daughter had breast cancer.

4. The chance of getting breast cancer after menopause is higher in women who are overweight or obese.

5. Women who are physically inactive throughout life may have an increased risk of breast cancer. Being active may help reduce risk.

All the health practices such as exercise, sport, deep breathing, relaxation and freedom from anxiety are important and leading a life which is productive in terms of our personal life satisfaction and happiness. We must seek further than general fitness exercises for specific ones that help circulation in the lymph and breasts and also learn how dangerous breast cancer.


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Dear blogger please update your definition you have written "Breast Cancer is a sickness where in the cancer cells became abnormal" but the fact is cancer is a disease where normal cells become abnormal, they keep on dividing, phenomenon of apoptosis is lost, cells shows uncontrolled growth, to know how females can do self examination of their breast visit keep visiting

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