Thursday, August 12, 2010

How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Stop smoking is so easy?? Really sad, to be honest smoking is the one of a nasty and persistent habit that is so difficult to leave behind. Once you start then it is hard for you to forget it easily but to quit that is not impossible. You can found many ways to help you to do that.

The question is “ Are you ready to quit?

Smoking is extremely addictive, and it does not take long before you find yourself craving cigarettes. Recent statistics show that every cigarette you smoke takes six minutes off of your life.

This means that smoking one pack a day takes away two hours off your life. Just imagine how many days that becomes over an entire lifetime, and you may begin searching for quit smoking aids or natural ways to quit smoking.

Quitting the smoking is a desire that many chain smokers wish would come true. Unfortunately it is not as easy as making a simple wish. If you've tried to quit smoking before and it didn't work, you can use what you learned before so you can be successful this time. It can be very difficult to quit, but once you do, you'll look better, smell better, feel better, and be healthier!
Why should I quit smoking?

Everyone knows that smoking can cause cancer when you get older, but did you know that it also has bad effects on your body right now? A cigarette contains about 4000 chemicals, and at least 43 of those chemicals are known to cause cancer in humans.

Some of the other chemicals are found in products that are known to be poisonous. Some of the worst ones are :

1 . Nicotine - a deadly poison
2 . Arsenic - used in rat poison
3 . Methane - a component of rocket fuel
4 . Ammonia - found in floor cleaner
5 . Cadmium - used in batteries
6 . Carbon Monoxide - part of car exhaust
7 . Formaldehyde - used to preserve body tissue

Smoking can also increase your risk for having a stroke, especially if you are a woman taking birth control pills. This combination can be deadly and should be stopped immediately if you are a woman over the age of thirty. Smoking also causes decreased circulation that can lead to blood clots, especially later in life. It can also increase diabetic symptoms in those suffering from the disease.

However, it is often possible using the following tips and suggestions :

1 . Have self-confidence

If you can believe in yourself then you have already won half of the battle. On bad days try to focus on days when you demonstrated strong willpower. To help boost your spirits and stay on track.

2 . Try cutting down on your smoking a little at a time instead

Think about how smoking is eating up your body and then focus on the reasons you want to quit. Remind yourself that when you quit smoking you will feel better and increase your lifespan.Think about how happy your family will be when you quit.

3 . Don’t BE panic

At first you may behave illogically and find that you will be restless and irritable. During those times keep in mind your friends and family are there to help you out . Ask them to be patient and understanding with you and give you support.

4 . Do an exercise

This will allow you to relieve tension and will help you to stay on track. You could start walking, jogging or join a gym. You will be amazed at how much better you will fell after a short strolls and some fresh air. Don’t take on too much the beginning stages because you may feel fatigued when you first quit smoking.

5 . Deep breathing is great to relieve stress as well

Try it for 3 to 5 minutes every day. Picture the times that you’ve refused a cigarette offered by someone and remember how proud of yourself you were.

6 . Don't drink alcohol

Alcohol will likely lower your willpower and increase your chances of having a cigarette.

7 . Avoid places and situations where you normally smoke

The best way to keep from smoking is to not put yourself in situations with people who smoke and to stay away from places where you are used to smoking.

Normally people with strong personality and will find the cold turkey method an easy way to quit smoking. This kind of people are believed their strong will only to keep them away from cigarettes. Unfortunately, it might seem the easiest way but it is also the most unsuccessful way. If you want permanent results, do not try it unless you are absolutely sure in your abilities to resist the cravings and post-smoking stress.

The most important thing is to redoubling efforts, never give up your plan and remember that it is only a matter of time until you finally escape from this deadly habit.


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